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October 23, 2013 - 23 de Octubre del 2013

  ENGLISH ( desplácese hacia abajo para ESPAÑOL! ) Hello all! It’s only been 8 weeks…but it seems like forever! First thing….THIS PODCAST IS NOT DISAPPEARING! One of the things I have been anxious to continue with Robotech: the McKinney Project. The show with its few episodes has been a success with Robotech fans around the world.  As I said in our introduction episode, there will be times where life happens and it will need my full attention. The last 8 weeks have been like that. Whether it’s been work, personal matters or taking a new role as an Uncle, it has not given me the time to sit down and record a complete episode. Plus there were also technical issues in recording which frustrated me to no end. I have had narration and excerpt readings recorded for weeks but not the rest of the show. I could have put those up by themselves, but I felt it would be just throwing them out there without proper introductions and the rest that goes along the podcast. Now that thi