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In order to keep a healthy balance over the different platforms where we discuss the Novels, I will be continuing the Sentinels story here as well as on our Facebook page. For today's entry, we have the king and queen of the Invid, Regent and Regis in what would be be their ONLY direct interaction in the 5 book Sentinels story. This whole infidelity with Zor really drove these two on completely paths despite a common thirst for revenge on those who took their Flower of Life.  One wanted it for conquest and the other wanted it for evolutionary transcendence. For the Regent, it goes a step further....he feels that regaining that which was stolen...will regain him the love of  of his spouse... ***** "The flagship throne room, like the Invid castle and hives on Optera, was an organic chamber, so given over to the urgings of Protoculture that its very bulkheads and sensor devices resembled living systems of neural-tissue circuitry. Visceral greens and purples, they pulsed to rhythm