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***PLEASE NOTE. THE FOLLOWING POST IS BASED OFF THE ROBOTECH NOVELS UNIVERSE AKA THE R.N.U. THE STORIES TOLD ABOUT MARS SARA BASE IN THE COMIC SERIES "INVASION" ARE  NOT  PART OF THIS DISCUSSION NOR TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION.***  Another one of the many stories that can spring up from words of Jack McKinney; "The destruction of Sara Base on Mars was in some ways typical of the setbacks experienced by the newly formed World Unification Alliance, the unfortunate result of suspicion, misinformation, and manipulation by an unnamed collective of separatist factions. That the Northeast Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere could be so easily duped into believing the base a military installation was all the more cause for concern. But more than that, the attack upon the base marked the first instance that humankind had taken warfare off the planet and brought it to the stars. " Malachi Cain,  Prelude to Doomsday: A History of the Global Civil War  RN - Battle Cry **** T