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...I mean it IS ,,,,, and some of the Facebook posts do get long and I don't like the look of them. So for this post I wanted to give some time to one of The Sentinels secondary characters; Harry Penn... Described as a "designer of exotic mecha" (I'm open to your suggestions)...and one of the branches of Emil Lang's tree of specialists in Robotechnology which included Sheamus Bronson, R. Burke and of course Lazlo Zand. Is he one of those characters that stands out like some of the others? Hmmm...not so much. He is the oldest member of the Plenipotentiary Council...and...kind of a grouch. ***** "Toys," Dr. Harry Penn told Lang, an undisguised note of disapproval in his voice. "War toys, when we could be fashioning wonders." He was a large man with a gruff-looking exterior that masked the gentlest of spirits. The thick mustache and beard he had grown to mask the pockmarked, hooked-nose cragginess of his face had only e