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When we heard it said throughout the New Generation, we wondered. Then we read excerpts from "The Collected Journals of ADMIRAL Rick Hunter" and we wondered more.
Jack McKinney made sure not to miss the moment it happened; ***** "Captain Hunter," Milburn said, rising from his chair when Rick had stepped onto the low platform that had been erected for the ceremony. "In recognition of countless acts of bravery performed in the service of the Defense Force, and in heartfelt appreciation of your contributions to the civilian cause throughout this difficult period of reconstruction, and lastly in acknowledgment of your donations to the design of the Expeditionary mission—notably in the aftermath of the destruction of Macross—we, members of the council and the RDF, wish at this time to confer on you a much-deserved and perhaps long-overdue promotion in rank." Lisa grinned despite herself. She'd fought hard to bring this about for Rick, insisting that he receive at least some of the credit for proposing to use Breetai's ship in the mission to Tirol, and for organizing the relocation of Macross's uprooted civilian population. No sooner did Rick begin to speak, however, than her smile faded. "Sirs, Council Members," he said, "may I first say how honored I am. But I would be, uh, remiss if I didn't address some of my concerns about this promotion. I'm proud of what I've been able to contribute as a captain, leader of the Skull Veritechs, but I feel that a promotion to full-bird colonel—" "Captain Hunter," Milburn said, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but you misunderstand." Rick's left brow arched. "Huh? Well, of course I meant to say lieutenant colonel. But that doesn't change my feelings any. Sirs, I mean, it's—" "Mr. Hunter." It was Reinhardt now, wearing a look of mild bemusement. "We're going to have to keep interrupting if you persist in making mistakes." All along the table, secret looks of amusement were exchanged. "Not lieutenant colonel?" Rick said. "Then, sirs, I'm afraid I'm at a loss . . ." Milburn cleared his throat with meaning. "No reason to be, Vice Admiral Hunter." Everyone in the room rose and saluted, then broke into applause while Rick stood staring at the white command cap Milburn was proffering. Clapping louder than any of them, Lisa fought back an impulse to run to Rick and fling her arms around him—if for no other reason than to shake him out of apparent shock. "Begging your pardon, sir," Rick managed at last, his voice cracking, "but I'm only twenty-three years old!" Everyone but Lisa laughed. "Age isn't a factor in these crucial times," Milburn said. "It's all about being able to lead, Admiral. To shoulder responsibility. To do the job that needs doing. And all of us in this room are confident you can do just that." RN - Zentraedi Rebellion ***** Was it an easy transition for one 23 year old? For sure not. Rick felt undeserving and that the promotion was more than a burden on his first calling, being a pilot. Juggling his doubts of command along with a strong willed wife who thought the opposite was a hard act to balance. I have been at times less than gracious about Rick's constant "whining." But it doesn't change the fact that he became an able leader and having the loyalty of those who believed in him.

Indeed, well deserved and long overdue. If you have doubts, justask Scott Bernard...😉 SALUD ADMIRAL! Much love and kick ass!



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If one thing that this journey of mine has striven on; it's that the flow of the Robotech Novels go as steady as possible.

Many times, whether it be through an Epigraph or the story itself, there are moments where Brian and Jim contradicted (unintentionally) an event or character. As much as I have loved the Novels, I have never shied away from these cases. It become a matter of connecting the dots to said contradictions through the use of theories as explanation.

Such is the case with the character of Lazlo Archimedes Zand.

He is first introduced in the Novel Doomsday;

"Professor Zand, a shadowy figure who had emerged from Lang's Robotech elite; "

It is here where he has a verbal confrontation with one Rick Hunter;

"That's nonsense, Commander," said Professor Zand, who had Dr. Lang's marblelike eyes. He stood up, palms flat on the table, to press his point. "There have always been wars in progress somewhere on Earth, even before the invasion from space. I think this clearly indicates the warlike nature of Humans."

Another Zentraedi sympathizer, thought Rick. And talking like an alien to boot. He began to stammer a response, always feeling outgunned when up against academics, but Zand interrupted him.

"A perfect example: Look what happened on Earth when the peacemakers tried their best to prevail. They formed the League of Nationsand the United Nations, both of which failed!"

Rick got to his feet confrontationally. What did all this have to do with Humans enjoying war? The best he would allow was that some humans enjoyed war but most didn't. Most

"I can't believe you'd simplify the facts like that," Rick shouted. "You're practically rewriting history!"

"Facts, sir, do not lie," said Zand.

RN - Doomsday
And it is here where the contradiction is...(but it won't become that until almost 10 years later )

..."Zand, who had Dr. Lang's marblelike eyes"...

These eyes on Dr. Lang are a result of the Protoculture Boost he experienced on the initial reconnaissance mission to the SDF-1 in the Novel Genesis.

If Zand has these eyes....then that means he experienced his own boost at the time of Doomsday?

Not in the RNU.

Jump to Zentraedi Rebellion, published in 1994.

For it is in this Novel where Zand's boost actually takes place and where Emil Land discovers it in one of the more dramatic scenes in the Robotech Novels;

"Lang stood up and walked across the room. Without announcing his intentions, he swept the sunglasses from Zand's face and looked into his eyes. It was like looking into a mirror. 

Lang staggered back, supporting himself on the edge of his desk. "Good God, you've done it. You found a way to take the mind-boost." 

Zand whipped the glasses out of Lang's hand and put them on. "What are you babbling about? You know as well as I that Zor's console was destroyed." 

Lang stared at him, wide-eyed. "You found a way. Tell me what you did, Lazlo. Don't shut me out." 

Zand hesitated, then grimaced sinisterly. "You're right, Doctor, I did find a way. You want the details? I injected myself with a mixture of Zentraedi blood and a couple of ccs of fluid from that Invid craft we found. I was unconscious for three hours. I'm sure I almost died. But believe me, Doctor, my IQ is right up there with yours now, and it's increasing—every day, every hour. And soon I'll have an understanding of the Shapings. I'll have powers you never dreamed of."

Lang lowered himself to the desk like one deflated. "Lazlo, listen to me. You don't realize what you've done. You think this is all some competition, but it isn't, and you're going to begin to understand the downside of the boost. The hunger that surpasses any known addiction. The moments of madness—" Lang paused to catch his breath. "Why couldn't you have talked to me first?" 

"Talked to you? Talked to you? When exactly was I supposed to do that? The great and all-powerful Lang, always addressing the UEG, or receiving one honor or another. Designing mecha, designing starships, traveling up and down the gravity well like a superhero . . . Tell me, Doctor, when was I supposed to talk to you?"
"Lazlo," Lang said softly, "I never realized—"
"That's right, you never did, and that's been the problem all along. But no more. Because I don't need you anymore. I have people who accept me for what I am, not as just some pale alternative to the great Lang. I have funding, I have projects. I have my own mission, my own destiny to shape. And perhaps it's not as bound up with yours as you'd like it to be, but I can't help that the lowly disciple has grown up to found his own movement, Doctor. And we'll just have to wait and see which of us turns out to be the more influential."

RN - Zentraedi Rebellion
Now the hows and whys of this event is another story for another day, but as T.R. Edwards puts it about Lazlo Zand in the same book;

"He won't admit it, but he's pathologically jealous of Lang—he has been for years."

And with that, my esteemed reader, is where it gives an opening to the following theory which would explain the "marble like" eyes Zand has years before his own boost.

So here goes...

Zand's jealousy of Lang was such that in the obsession to make himself look more, "academic" like Lang, he decided to wear contacts that gave the appearance of Lang's eyes. And even the talking like an alien as Hunter puts it adds to Lazlo's facade. Given his portrayal in the Master's Saga Novels, this is a strong possibility. 

Of course, there is nothing in the books that back this up as Zand's appearance in Doomsday is pretty much a cameo.

But with what Edwards has to say....It certainly fits into the narrative.

Now...before anyone says...."BUT IN THE SHOW-" a reminder, the Robotech Novels are their own Universe and while there might be moments where the visual coincides with the literature, it ends there.

To the show...unto the show.

Unto the Novels....well, you get the picture.

Another "NO ERROR" moment...and trust me, there will be more to come in the future.

AND IT'S FUN!!!!!!!!!

Much love and kick ass!


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Another one of the many stories that can spring up from words of Jack McKinney;

"The destruction of Sara Base on Mars was in some ways typical of the setbacks experienced by the newly formed World Unification Alliance, the unfortunate result of suspicion, misinformation, and manipulation by an unnamed collective of separatist factions. That the Northeast Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere could be so easily duped into believing the base a military installation was all the more cause for concern. But more than that, the attack upon the base marked the first instance that humankind had taken warfare off the planet and brought it to the stars. "

Malachi Cain,  Prelude to Doomsday: A History of the Global Civil War 

RN - Battle Cry

This brings up a lot that can be discussed;

Mars was colonized before SDF-1's arrival?

From the Novels timeline

2002 - Destruction of Mars Base Sara. Lisa Hayes's fiance, Karl Riber, is killed. Lisa turns 17. (RN - End of the Circle)

That gives to believe that the space exploration and technology had taken a giant leap BEFORE the introduction of  Robotechnology. YAY SCIENCE!!!

But there is also the fact that the place ran on Reflex power, described as; 

" of Robotechnology's first by-products-back in more peaceful times."  (RN - Battle Cry)

The assumption is within those two years before it was destroyed, the base went through a major power upgrade.

Why was it destroyed?

Really no full story there. We have what the above Epigraph says; it was separatist factions. Holdovers from the Global Civil War. Lisa Hayes gave us a nugget more of information when remembering her deceased fiance, Carl/Karl Riber;

"He had volunteered for a nonmilitary position at Base Sara during the protracted conclusion of the Global Civil War. And died there during an unannounced and senseless raid; a misunderstanding of the worst sort."

RN - The Sentinels:Rubicon

They must of been one seriously pissed off group of factions to take the combat all the way to Mars. It is possible that with the "Visitor" now uniting governments and military, the separatists were finding it harder score victories on Earth.

More questions come up of how was the attack executed. Did they completely wipe out the personnel there? Was it a Kamikaze run by the enemy. Did anybody make it back to Earth?

What we do know is that base was destroyed when the Reflex furnaces were overloaded to release Khyron's gravity mines that held the SDF-1 down on Mars's surface. doesn't end there for the history of Mars Base!

Its reconstruction would become part of the United Earth's Government so called "Moran Plan"; 

"...which called for the immediate refurbishment of Sara (base)" (RN - Zentraedi Rebellion)

And this new base's ultimate fate?...

Yes...Jack covered it!

"Mars base had had its ups and downs over the decades. Founded just after the turn of the century, Sara Base—as it was then known—was already in ruins by 2010, when the RDF engaged the forces of Khyron's Botoru Battalion on the Martian surface. Rebuilt in 2016, during the readying of the SDF-3, the base was abandoned in 2022, only to be resurrected two years later, deriving most of its funding from a conglomerate of Asian concerns. It has been suggested that its closing, in 2030, was the direct result of the Shimada Family's advanced knowledge of the imminent arrival of the Masters; for, shortly thereafter, the upper management of each of those Asian concerns relocated to subterranean Tokyo." 

From the introduction to Shi Ling's  Sometimes Even a Yakuza Needs a Place to Hide 

RN - Before the Invid Storm

From just one location...all the stories and discussion that are born from it.

But please dear reader, add your own thoughts possibilities.



Much love and kick ass!