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When we heard it said throughout the New Generation, we wondered. Then we read excerpts from "The Collected Journals of ADMIRAL Rick Hunter" and we wondered more.
Jack McKinney made sure not to miss the moment it happened; ***** "Captain Hunter," Milburn said, rising from his chair when Rick had stepped onto the low platform that had been erected for the ceremony. "In recognition of countless acts of bravery performed in the service of the Defense Force, and in heartfelt appreciation of your contributions to the civilian cause throughout this difficult period of reconstruction, and lastly in acknowledgment of your donations to the design of the Expeditionary mission—notably in the aftermath of the destruction of Macross—we, members of the council and the RDF, wish at this time to confer on you a much-deserved and perhaps long-overdue promotion in rank." Lisa grinned despite herself. She'd fought hard to bring this about for Rick, insisting that he receive at least some of the credit for proposing to use Breetai's ship in the mission to Tirol, and for organizing the relocation of Macross's uprooted civilian population. No sooner did Rick begin to speak, however, than her smile faded. "Sirs, Council Members," he said, "may I first say how honored I am. But I would be, uh, remiss if I didn't address some of my concerns about this promotion. I'm proud of what I've been able to contribute as a captain, leader of the Skull Veritechs, but I feel that a promotion to full-bird colonel—" "Captain Hunter," Milburn said, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but you misunderstand." Rick's left brow arched. "Huh? Well, of course I meant to say lieutenant colonel. But that doesn't change my feelings any. Sirs, I mean, it's—" "Mr. Hunter." It was Reinhardt now, wearing a look of mild bemusement. "We're going to have to keep interrupting if you persist in making mistakes." All along the table, secret looks of amusement were exchanged. "Not lieutenant colonel?" Rick said. "Then, sirs, I'm afraid I'm at a loss . . ." Milburn cleared his throat with meaning. "No reason to be, Vice Admiral Hunter." Everyone in the room rose and saluted, then broke into applause while Rick stood staring at the white command cap Milburn was proffering. Clapping louder than any of them, Lisa fought back an impulse to run to Rick and fling her arms around him—if for no other reason than to shake him out of apparent shock. "Begging your pardon, sir," Rick managed at last, his voice cracking, "but I'm only twenty-three years old!" Everyone but Lisa laughed. "Age isn't a factor in these crucial times," Milburn said. "It's all about being able to lead, Admiral. To shoulder responsibility. To do the job that needs doing. And all of us in this room are confident you can do just that." RN - Zentraedi Rebellion ***** Was it an easy transition for one 23 year old? For sure not. Rick felt undeserving and that the promotion was more than a burden on his first calling, being a pilot. Juggling his doubts of command along with a strong willed wife who thought the opposite was a hard act to balance. I have been at times less than gracious about Rick's constant "whining." But it doesn't change the fact that he became an able leader and having the loyalty of those who believed in him.

Indeed, well deserved and long overdue. If you have doubts, justask Scott Bernard...😉 SALUD ADMIRAL! Much love and kick ass!



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