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I thought a lot about what I would write for this.... And then I said....nothing else needs to be said except... LET'S ENJOY THE SHOW BABY!!!! EPISODE #5 "END OF THE CIRCLE" .. one more time ! (PLAY/DOWNLOAD BELOW) After a little Robotech and Robotech Novels 101 from yours truly... There's no better way to arrive at the End Of The Circle for this podcast than with one of the guys that made the magic of the Robotech Novels happen. Robotech: The McKinney Project Podcast presents - NY Times Best Selling Star Wars half of Robotech's Jack McKinney....James Luceno! Celebrating 30 years of the Roboetch Novels! Some of what you'll hear; - Getting the Robotech Novels Gig - Carl Macek and James Dean? - The Robotech Novels Process - Adding the "McKinney Concepts" - World Building in Robotech - Jim Luceno's Star Wars Journey (all because of Robotech) - Were Darth Vader, Tarkin and Palpatin