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The first lines of the New Generation Saga of the Robotech Novels returns to the beginning. 

It had been a long road of heartbreak...then hatred...what would the road hold now?

The long road of the Invid Mother, the Regis...

"...her children scattered; her regent a prisoner of the blood lust, at war with nature and enslaved to vengeance. But dare we presume to read her thoughts even now, to walk a path not taken-one denied to us by gates and towers our senses cannot perceive and perhaps never will?"

RN, Invid Invasion

And after all the pain she and her children endured, a world has called out to her and it offers the key to the Invid salvation...

"Still, it must have seemed like the answer to a prayer: A planet newly rich in the flower that was life itself, a profusion of such incredible nutrient wealth that her Sensor Nebulae had found it clear across the galaxy. A blue and white world as distant from her Optera as she was from the peaceful form her consciousness once inhabited."

RN, Invid Invasion

Zor wronged the Invid in the worst way possible. A sin committed in the name of science. A seduction to extract a secret from the Regis. 

A betrayal that led to a mate's devolution. 

Yet, a betrayal in the name of love.

"And yet Optera was lost to her, to half her children. Left in the care of one who had betrayed his kind, who had become what he fought so desperately to destroy. As she herself had...

All but trapped now in the guise that he had worn, the one who lured the secrets of the Flower from her. And whose giant warriors had returned to possess the planet and dispossess its inhabitants. But oh, how she had loved him! Enough to summon from her very depths the ability to emulate him. And later to summon a hatred keen enough to birth a warring nature, an army of soldiers to rival his-to rival Zor's own!"

RN, Invid Invasion

And in the end...

"But he, too, was lost to her, killed by the very soldiers her hatred had fashioned."

RN, Invid Invasion

But the Regis could no longer afford the past to be in front of her. The destiny of her and her children awaited. She may have lost Optera, but the Earth would now be the fertile ground in which to plant her seed for the rebirth of the Invid.

"And woe to the life form that inhabited that world! For nothing would prevent her from finding a home for her children, a home for the completion of their grand evolutionary design!"

RN, Invid Invasion

There are many themes in the Robotech Novels story. In part, it  is a tragic tale of love, betrayal and vengeance.

Yet, it does makes room for redemption.

But A LOT happens before that!

- John


IMAGES: Robotech: TAS , Episode 84, Dark Finale
NASA - Stock footage
Genesis, The Legend of Zor
Robotech: The Graphic Novel
Robotech: TAS, Episode 61, The Invid Invasion

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While the Novels don't go into the full history of the 15th Squadron of the Alpha Tactical Armored Corp...we do know that it's a well balanced unit...of the halo and horns type!...Mostly due to its commanding officer...

And the 15th had the reputation of being one of the best, if not the best. Under their daredevil leader, First Lieutenant Sean Phillips, they had become not only one of the most decorated but also one of the most courtmartial-prone outfits around-a real black-sheep squad.

RN, Southern Cross

Sean's introduction as the 15th's leader is he will spend the rest of the Southern Cross saga, as he puts it....a "deuce private" (RN, Metal Fire) . How he gets there just really shows that military discipline is painted on a completely different canvas in the Robotech Novels Universe;

Two privates were killing time with a chess game. "D'you hear the latest skinny?" the smaller one asked casually. "Our CO's gonna be in stockade for a while."

His big, beefy opponent shrugged, still studying his bishop's dilemma. "Too bad Sean's such a ladies' man-too bad for him."

"He shouldn't've made a pass at a superior officer," the first said.

A third, who had been kibbitzing, contributed, "Sean just didn't have his mind right, or he would've known better. Ya just don't go grabbing a colonel's daughter like that."

No, indeed; especially when the daughter was herself a captain. But scuttlebutt had it that the grabbing had gone rather well and that initial reaction was favorable, until the ATAC Officer of the Day wandered in and found army furniture being put to highly unauthorized use, as it were, by army personnel who were supposedly on duty. It was just about then that the colonel's daughter started yelling for help.

It was a brief court-martial, and word was that Lieutenant Sean Phillips grinned all through it. A constant stream of letters and CARE packages, sent by other female admirers, was brightening up his guardhouse stay.

RN, Southern Cross

Whether it as a lieutenant, deuce private, or constant playboy. Sean Phillips is one of the many secondary characters in the RN Saga that Brian and Jim worked with. While no longer the leader of the 15th, he's given a strong story presence without sacrificing the main characters.

And as we go on in the Southern Cross Saga, Sean will find himself desiring a another position within the Army of The Southern Cross...his last amorous conquest.

But that's another story for another day...


- John

IMAGES- ROBOTECH: TAS, Episode 38, False Start

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Thank you to everyone who has listened to the podcast. Spread the word! It was a great time with all the topics we covered!

One of my favorite moments was getting the answer to a question I've had since 1989. I ALWAYS kept forgetting to ask Jim for the story behind one of my WTF? moments in the Novels.....Breetai's fate in The Sentinels.

I guess a 30th Anniversary was the best time to put any of my doubts to rest!

The full interview is at;

We're starting things back up tomorrow with some more Masters/Southern Cross Saga for the weekend....and next Monday....our first look into the New Generation Saga....a la Robotech Novels style!

Thank you again to all for supporting what we're doing....and let's keep going!

- John


IMAGE: David Schleinkofer (Cover Art for The Sentinels Novel: Rubicon)

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Worth EVERY minute!

Robotech: The McKinney Project Podcast

"The End Of The Circle"

Official run time: 1 hour 34 minutes 36 seconds..

Friday, May 5th, 2017!

One more step...for one last show.

But not the end of the good times!

Feeling good.