Wednesday, March 15, 2017


What caught my eye back in '87 when I was first introduced to the Novels was not only that they were from an animated series I loved, but it was also the cover art, created by David Schleinkofer. They really stand out for their use of colors and giving some of the characters a more "fleshy" real life look. He was commissioned for the cover art for all the books Brian and Jim wrote. This included the 12 main books adapted from the show, the 5 books of the Sentinels and conclusion of the Robotech Novels saga, End of the Circle. (Jim wrote three additional books under the McKinney name as Brian was not available to participate.)

This particular painting was not a Robotech Novels cover. A quote from David;

"That cover was done as a sample to show the client so they could see how I was going to handle the different style of rendering from the cartoon style. They liked it so I got the job to do them all. "


Art: David Schleinkofer

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