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This I'm sure will be the first of many posts that cover concepts, story lines and character development that were for the most part, exclusive to the Robotech Novels Universe (let's see if the acronym, "RNU" catches on!).

With this first one you can say it's a combo of Novels and Comic.

With Zor sending the future SDF-1 to Earth with last Protoculture Matrix, it left the Robotech Masters grip on their empire in question. Their logical course of action was to send their engineered police force, the Zentraedi in search of, quite literally, their salvation.

The Supreme Commander of the Zentraedi Armada, Dolza entrusts his best field commander, Breetai, with the task to retrieve the fortress and the power source it holds.

But are Dolza's actions out of loyalty?

From Robotech: The Graphic Novel

Dolza seems to knows all too well what capturing Zor's fortress would mean to his position against his Masters.

And then...there's Breetai's thoughts upon arriving to the "blue-white" world of Zor's Vision to reclaim the SDF-1;

**Breetai studied the fire-mission computer models. He gave a grudging nod of satisfaction.  

"All guns standing by for bombardment, Commander Breetai," a tech reported.  

"Good. Level everything in the path of the assault forces but be careful not to damage that battle fortress. I want to take it intact!" Once the Battlepods had established a beachhead, his plan could be implemented, and Zor's masterpiece would belong to the Zentraedi.  

Then let the Robotech Masters beware! Breetai thought.**

- Robotech Novel, Genesis 

And who should they be beware of ? Where do HIS loyalties lie?

As the Macross Saga of the RNU unfolds, the race of alien giants not only have to face the enemy of Earth's inhabitants, but also the the enemy in the form of their own ambitions.

But that's...another story for another day...

- John

IMAGES: Robotech: The Graphic Novel
Robotech, Animated Series, Ep. 1 - Countdown

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