With the defeat of Mars Group and the death of the woman he loves...Scott Bernard faces an even greater mountain to climb.

Experiencing Earth for the first time...

And my challenge as a reader..... his incessant whining.


Tirol, once the homeworld of the Robotech Masters, then an Invid colony when the Masters had uprooted the remnants of their dying race and journeyed to Earth in search of Protoculture, was a reconfigured planet, much of its surface given over to humankind's needs, its small seas and weather patterns tamed. Not like this Earth, Scott thought, with its solitary yellow sun and distant silver satellite. He yearned for Tirol. It had been his home as much as the SDF-3 had been; he missed the binary stars of Fantoma's system, the protective presence of the motherworld itself. How remote one felt from the heavens on this displaced world.

Scott recalled Admiral Hunter's rousing send-off speech, his talk of the "cool green hills of home"-his home, Earth. Scott laughed bitterly to himself, the planet's native splendor lost on him...

...lifting his head, he found that Earth had another surprise in store for him. The sky was dumping droplets of water on him-it was raining! Scott got up and walked to a clearing in the woods. He had heard about this phenomenon from old-timers but hadn't expected to encounter it. Scott could see that rain might not be a bad thing under certain conditions, but right now it was only adding to his discomfort. Besides, there was something else in the air that had come in with the rain: periods of a short-lived, rolling, explosive roar.

Clouds backlit by flashes of electrical charge were moving swiftly, obscuring the Moon and plunging the world into an impenetrable dark. Soon the angry bolts responsible for that stroboscopic light were overhead, launched like fiery spears toward the land itself, earsplitting claps of thunder in their wake.

Scott found himself overwhelmed by a novel form of terror, so unlike the fear he was accustomed to that he stood screaming into the face of it, his feet seemingly rooted to the ground. This had nothing to do with enemy laser fire or plasma annihilation discs; it had nothing to do with combat or close calls. This was a larger terror, a deeper one, springing from an archaic part of himself he had never met face to face.

Unnerved, he ran for the safety of the Veritech cockpit as lightning struck and ignited one of the trees, toppling it with a second bolt that split the forest giant along its length. He lowered the canopy and hunkered down in the VT seat, hugging himself for warmth and security. Eyes tightly shut, ears filled with crackling noise, he shouted to himself: What am I doing on this horrible planet?"

RN- Invid Invasion

A lot of questions which will never get answered come up...

Why the hell did he sign up for this?

Was REF command (Admiral Rick Hunter and co.) that arrogant in thinking the Regis and her horde would be a cakewalk?

It's these types of questions though, that get you really engaged in the story.

Oh...and this will not be the only time in the New Generation where Bernard is insufferable...to Earth's inhabitants....fellow soldiers....his friends....EVEN Emil!

"Dr. Lang considered him an army brat and tried on more than one occasion to instill him with some sense of objectivity, but Scott was a lost cause." RN - Symphony of Light

I have said this before...I don't like this character....and this is going back to The Animated Series. And the dislike grew ten fold with the Novels.

All I can say is ...

That's !@#$%^& incredible writing on "Jack's" part!

Eternity Comics
Comico Comics
Robotech: TAS, Invid Invasion

- John


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