In rereading the Novels Story one thing that has had me wondering on many occasions and sometimes for a long while; are the locations on Earth where the story takes place. Some places are named directly. With others we get a general area. But, there will be times where inevitably it comes down to guess work/speculation.

The series itself is great for visuals as shown on this page but shed little to no light on places of action. 

Most of the time I do some online searches regarding the subject and will find "nuggets and tidbits" about a place mentioned and I'll just have to go from there. There is some real good stuff out there by fans, the Palladium RPG books, fan fiction. Really some kick ass thought put into it. As we move along, I will be sure to provide links. 

The info is useful and gives me a few thoughts. In many cases, the overall narrative of those sources deviate from the Novels arc.I am the "pick and choose" type of guy with these sources and what fits for the Novel narrative, I'll fit it in. 

One subject that definitely comes up in the New Generation story is the location of Scott Bernard's landing on Earth and his initial meet up with Rand. 

We have this Epigraph;

Dolza's annihilation bolts had devastated the South American coastal cities and turned much of the vast interior forest into wasteland. Ironically enough, however, repopulation of the area was largely the result of the hundreds of Zentraedi warships that crashed there after the firing of the Grand Cannon. Indeed, even after Khyron's efforts to stage a full-scale rebellion had failed, the region was still largely under Zentraedi domination (the T'sentrati Control Zone, as it was known to the indigenous peoples), up until the Malcontent uprisings of 2013-15 and the subsequent events headed up by Captain Maxmillian Sterling of the Robotech Defense Force. But contrary to popular belief, Brazilas did not become the lawless frontier Scott Bernard traversed until much later, specifically, the two-year period between the fall of Chairman Moran's Council and the Invid invasion. In fact the region had seen extensive changes during the Second Robotech War and surely would have risen to the fore had it not been for the disastrous end to that fifteen-year epoch.

"Southlands,"  History of the Third Robotech War, Vol. XXII


Now this Epigraph is three chapters into the book shortly after Scott's first Earth-bound run in with the Invid. "Brazilas" is not in reference to the country of Brazil but rather a territory. The Robotech Wars eliminated the concept of sovereign nations so to speak. 

Things in South America would probably have been like the following map;

Based on the map and the Epigraph, I'm going to put Scott's landing at the most southern tip of the "Brazilas" territory. (MY CIRCLED STAR) There's a reason for it based on what's to come in the story...

At least now we have a starting point. 

I won't lie to you,  stuff like this makes my head spin. But through this journey into the Novels we (I'm always open to constructive input!) can find pieces that will fit into this big jigsaw puzzle.

But let's not get into dates and years...yet!

A Robotech Novels Universe is hard work, but fun!

- John



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