If one conclusion I've come to about Rick Hunter in the Robotech Novels, it's that the "failure" with Lynn Minmei lingers with him throughout the saga.

I don't doubt that he was happy with his choice of Lisa for his wife...but the vibe I get is that there is a lot of remorse on the road getting there. He wanted Minmei for so long and then Lisa  threatened that dream. And when they finally have time together, he realizes that Minmei threatens his duty to service. And then in the literal heat of battle (and Lisa's confession FINALLY), he realizes where he belongs.

The residual from all that comes in the form of a lot of self doubt after the destruction of Macross. Specifically about his future military life;

The hand of fate seemed to be steering him along with forceful claps on the back. He was grateful for the shove that had landed him in Lisa's life, but he wanted to evade any jostling that might mean added responsibilities. He was comfortable with his captain's rank, and he knew that he was an able team leader. No need to overextend himself or allow anyone else to. He simply didn't have what it took to command from a desk or from behind the shielded partition of some tech-heavy balcony in a war room. 

RN - Zentraedi Rebellion

I can say the beginning of this is from the moment of his promotion to Admiral, )although he thought at first it was colonel); Not even his accomplishments made him feel worthy;

"Captain Hunter," Milburn said, rising from his chair when Rick had stepped onto the low platform that had been erected for the ceremony. "In recognition of countless acts of bravery performed in the service of the Defense Force, and in heartfelt appreciation of your contributions to the civilian cause throughout this difficult period of reconstruction, and lastly in acknowledgment of your donations to the design of the Expeditionary mission—notably in the aftermath of the destruction of Macross—we, members of the council and the RDF, wish at this time to confer on you a much-deserved and perhaps long-overdue promotion in rank."  

RN - Zentraedi Rebellion
And his initial response to promotion?;

"Sirs, Council Members," he said, "may I first say how honored I am. But I would be, uh, remiss if I didn't address some of my concerns about this promotion. I'm proud of what I've been able to contribute as a captain, leader of the Skull Veritechs, but I feel that a promotion to full-bird colonel—"  

"Captain Hunter," Milburn said, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but you misunderstand."  

Rick's left brow arched. "Huh? Well, of course I meant to say lieutenant colonel. But that doesn't change my feelings any. Sirs, I mean, it's—"  

"Mr. Hunter." It was Reinhardt now, wearing a look of mild bemusement. "We're going to have to keep interrupting if you persist in making mistakes."  
All along the table, secret looks of amusement were exchanged.  "Not lieutenant colonel?" Rick said. "Then, sirs, I'm afraid I'm at a loss . . ."  

Milburn cleared his throat with meaning. "No reason to be, Vice Admiral Hunter."

RN - Zentraedi Rebellion 

And even when all is etched in stone; we get this;

"Begging your pardon, sir," Rick managed at last, his voice cracking, "but I'm only twenty-three years old!" Everyone but Lisa laughed.  

"Age isn't a factor in these crucial times," Milburn said. "It's all about being able to lead, Admiral. To shoulder responsibility. To do the job that needs doing. And all of us in this room are confident you can do just that."  

RN - Zentraedi Rebellion 


Perhaps Rick's internal monologue is "It takes me forever to decide which woman I love and NOW you want me to make decisions that will affect the entire Tirol mission??? ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS???"

And in an ironic twist, the person that basically puts him in this spot is none other that the woman he CHOSE, Lisa Hayes.

Love...aint' it a bitch! LMAO!

I have said in the past that 'Sentinels" Rick is a bit of a whiner at times and I stick by it. But as with all behaviors there will be always something behind it. In the example above; one can look at it two ways (at least);

A) He honestly feels he is not deserving.
B) After the Minmei debacle...he wants no more complications in his life.

We all know how it turns out. 😉

I'm sure there are many more angles you guys can come up with...do please share them in the comments here or on Facbebook!

Looking forward to finishing strong with a few more posts in 2019 and bringing tons of McKinney Magic for 2020!

Much love and kick ass!



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