UPDATE: MARCH 14, 2014

Hi guys and girls!

We are just about ready to continue our Robotech Novels journey on The McKinney Project.....here are some updates I wanted to share as McJay and I prepare for the podcat's return;

- I have THREE shows (Episodes 4, 5 & 6) worth of readings.They will be out in succession over the next few weeks AND with these three shows, we conclude the first Robotech Novel, GENESIS! And THEN....it's on to Novel #2.....BATTLE CRY!

- Thanks to INCOMPETECH.COM and DIGITAL JUICE....MUSIC will be an important part of the show.....while of course some music from Robotech, the animated series will be heard from time to time...I want the Robotech Novels to have their own musical identity...

- THE MCKINNEY FILES.....starting with Episode #4...I will also be releasing a supplemental mini podcast, THE MCKINNEY FILES,  discussing topics related to the Robotech Novels....I figured instead of putting them within the main show...I would give them their own separate space.....and believe me there is so much to talk about! And some of the subjects...I will be reaching out to the listeners for your assistance. Some of the subjects that will be featured;

  • The REAL Macross Island?
  • The SDF-1 bridge crew...the anatomy of a family.
  • MY introduction to......the SPACE FOLD.....
  • RETURN TO MACROSS comic series.

- We are now on Twitter! (LINK) ...... Follow us for podcast news and check out an interesting conversation I had with Publisher Del Rey - Spectra about  future releases of the Robotech Novels

- For Episode #6, (as I said in Episode #3) I want to recruit readers for the Novel excerpts I have chosen. You can check out those readings at this LINK. Next week, I will be posting instructions of how to do this via Souncloud.com. This a chance for YOU to be the star of the show!

- I eventually want to do a LIVE show reading Novel excerpts.....

- I want a NEW podcast logo! We are working on that....something to give the show it's own "LOOK".

- Are you or someone you know a cosplayer (Robotech themed works), a graphic artist that has done Robotech drawings or a Robotech fan fiction writer? I'd love to promote your stuff on the show. Message me on Facebook or email me at robotechnovels@gmail.com .

- Finally, some listeners have been asking me if I will be discussing the current Robotech franchise, fandom, Harmony Gold or Valkyrie Project. The answer is a definite NO.

Thank you for your support....and the BEST is yet to come because we are coming HOME!



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